Dried Tangerine Peel

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Product attributes:
Product Name: 2017 Xinhui High Quality Dried Tangerine Peel
Net Weight: 50g/150g/300g/500g
Shelf Life: No Limit
Place of Production: Shuangshui Xinhui Jiangmen China
Storage: Dry and Ventilated, clean, seal, avoid direct sunlight, no peculiar smell

Product Introduction:
Dried tangerine peel (or chenpi) is exactly what it sounds like—the peel of a tangerine that's dried and aged. The ingredient has been featured in chinese cooking for hundreds of years and is used in savory and sweet dishes as well as teas. Xinhui, in China’s Guangdong Province, is famous for making dried mandarin orange peels.
What Is Dried Tangerine Peel?

Dried tangerine peel is often made using green, unripe tangerines or mandarin oranges. The ingredient is made by peeling citrus fruit and drying the peels in the sun before storing them away to age anywhere from several months to 70 years. The longer the peel is aged, the more it is prized for its depth of flavor. This means that high-quality, long-aged dried tangerine peel can be pricey, selling for up to $5 per gram.

Dried Tangerine Peel Uses
With its aromatic bitter and sweet flavor, dried tangerine peel is added to sweet and savory Chinese dishes. It's also frequently added to herbal and whole leaf teas.

The Efficacy of Tangerine Peel:
According to scientific research, about 140 compounds have been isolated and identified from tangerine peel, among which volatile oils and flavonoids are generally considered to be the main biologically active and characteristic components. Chenpi has a wide range of effects, such as beneficial effects on the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; liver and nerve protection. Chenpi has significant biological activity, especially for digestive and respiratory diseases.

How to brew chenpi:
The dried tangerine peel can be brewed directly. First, wash 5g of dried tangerine peel with warm water, then put the dried tangerine peel into a teapot,
pour an appropriate amount of water to boil, then turn to low heat and cook for about 20 minutes. Finally, filter the residue and take the juice to drink.
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