Yunnan One Bud One Leaf Black Tea

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Product Name: Dianhong One Bud One Leaf Hong Luo Black Tea
Production date:2022
Storage Time: 36 months
Raw materials: Yunnan large-leaf  black tea
Origin: Yunnan, China
Storage: Ventilation, cool, dry, no odor, long-term preservation in a pollution-free environment.

The whole bud of Yunnan Pu'er big-leaf tea is made by the traditional Dianhong Gongfu tea production process, which is withered, twisted and formed, fermented, and roasted under light fire. Then it is refined by air selection to remove impurities and select pure buds. 
The taste is mellow, full and smooth without bitterness, the aroma is thick and full of the mouth, the aftertaste is long, the lips and teeth are left Fragrant.
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