Pi Lou Chun Green Tea

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Product Name: Green Tea
Production Date: 2022
Tea Origin: China
Store Conditions: Cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.   
Tea leaves (Dried): Curled like a snail, covered with velvet, silvery green and emerald.
Aroma: Fragrance and elegance.
Infusion: Strong mellow, refreshing and refreshing, long aftertaste.
Biluochunis picked so early in the spring the dry tea leaves are coated in small white 'hairs', which is customary for high end Bi Luo Chun, the fuzzy and very small leaves are characteristic for this tea. There are machines that can remove or reduce the fuzzy hair of the leaves, however traditional Bi Luo Chun contains no such method. is a tea best enjoyed as early as possible in China, to experience the freshness of the tea with the unique characteristics and aroma the blossoming fruit trees provide.
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