Jasmine Green Tea

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Product Name: Jasmine Green Tea 
Production Date: 2022 
Tea Origin: China 
Store Conditions: Cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.    
Tea leaves (Dried): The shape of the tea strip is compact and fine, and the color is green and yellowish. 
Aroma: Keep the fragrance of jasmine flower fresh. 
Infusion: The soup is tender yellow. The taste is delicious and mellow
Jasmine tea is a reprocessed tea made by mixing processed and dried tea leaves with jasmine flowers that are ready to be placed. The so-called mixed scenting system is to mix flowers and green tea leaves. In a static state, the tea leaves slowly absorb the floral fragrance, and then The flowers are removed and the tea leaves are dried. Drinking jasmine tea can help relieve tension, eliminate depression, and have the effects of fat-removing, intestinal cleansing and appetizing.
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